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  Classroom Expectations and Procedures

To help keep things growing , it helps to remember our class procedures. Third grade is an important year for your child, both academically and socially. For this reason, my classroom discipline program is based on a proactive, rather than reactive approach to behavior. Our classroom environment and activities are designed to prevent problems before they occur. Students are also given positive praise and encouragement. My goal is to teach students to be responsible and productive by taking pride in their actions. I believe that every student is capable of making good choices in order to maximize our learning time together.


Each activity begins with CHAMPS. This will help students become aware of how valuable responsibilities, goals and good behavior are. Students will be awarded.


The five categories include:


  • Conversation (Appropriate voice level for an activity).
  • Help (Appropriate way to ask for help).
  • Activity (What activity is acceptable).
  • Movement (When and how to move in class).
  • Participation (What participation is acceptable).


Conduct evaluation form will be sent home daily. Weekly conduct averages on Fridays for parents to see and discuss with their child. Please return this daily with a signature.


Class Expectations

  1. Ready- We are ready to learn with the appropriate tools and attitude.
  2. Responsible- We take responsibility for our own learning and behavior.
  3. Respectful- We respect the rights and space of other students during learning, play, and participation in class.



Each 9 week grading period every student will start with 100 points.  A conduct mark will deduct 2 points from the student's current score.  The student's current conduct score will be communicated each school day on a conduct sheet located in the homework folder.  A description for any deductions will accompany the score.  Please initial conduct sheet each day.  


"E" 100-90

"S" 89-80

"N" 79-70

"U" 69 and lower





In the event that a student has difficulty making good choices for a length of time, an individual behavioral plan will be implemented.


Daily homework is important, not only as a way to review and reinforce concepts learned in the classroom, but also to develop a sense of responsibility about school.


Homework will be sent home weekly. It is to be returned on the following Friday in the communication folder. Students will also be responsible for reading at least 20 minutes every night. A reading log will be sent home monthly to record reading minutes and to record titles of the books read. This part of the assignment should be filled in and initialed by a parent and returned at the end of each month.


Please your child's homework each day, and make sure that it is placed in the communication folder to be returned to school the next day.


If you are picking your child up from school, or if someone else is, please send in a SIGNED, DATED note with your child's FULL NAME written on it.


Parent /Teacher Teamwork


I am always available to meet or speak with you. If it is not urgent, please jot a note and I will respond as soon as possible. You may call the school or e-mail me as well. In return, I will contact you by note or telephone if there is something that I'd like to discuss.


In addition to the school supplies that your child will need, we always welcome donations! At the top of our "most wanted" list are pencils and glue sticks.


Here are some helpful math and reading websites


Name: Ron Everhart

Email Address:

Phone number: 281-454-2700

Class begins at 8:00 am