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Welcome to Ms.Abarca's
1st grade Classroom
                       UH Graduation 2015                    
phone number: (281)-454-2700
conference hours: 9:55am-10:45am
credentials: Subject Core Generalist 
For most I would like say how excited and greatful I am to be part of this amazing school ROYALWOOD ELEMENTARY and having the privilage to part of your child's educational life. I grew up here in Sheldon ISD since 2002. I went to C.E. King High school and graduated in the top ten percent of my graduating class in 2009. During my high school years I participated in the Mighty Panther Marching Band and played the clarinet. Then I went to San Jacinto College to pursue my associates in early childhood development. Afterwards, I decided to take the career path towards education. I went to College of Education at the University of Houston main campus and obtain my bachelor's degree in education. GO COOGS!!! 
My Educational Philosophy:
I have learned that classroom management is a key factor in a classroom setting because without it, their wouldn't be a way to reach out to the students. As I become a teacher I want to give the students the proper tools for knowledge. I will help them and guide them to learn, so that the students can feel competent and accomplished. Within the lessons my goal would be to apply real life experience so, that the student have a better connection. I will use the activities that students can relate to on a daily life basis. I will use the method of individuality, partner ship, hands-on, and groups projects or any work related so, that students can socialize and learn new things among each other. Having communication with the students and parents is essential in the classroom setting. As teachers we need to meet the child's needs academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. Parent involvement will help increase the child's knowledge by being involved in their education. This will help the students recognize how important they are to their parents and the teacher. Having high expectations from the students, parents, and myself together we can balance as a unison to collaborate together to provide an enrich classroom environment. Lastly, my mission is to make my students realize that their knowledge and skills are important and valuable because they have the potential to change the world one step at a time.