Parents may now access their child's STAAR results

The STAAR Report Card

  • Previously, the Texas Education Agency, TEA, published each child's STAAR results on the Confidential Student Report (CSR) and provided the district a paper copy of the results to send home. TEA has redesigned the CSR and given it a new name, the STAAR Report Card. The redesign has significant changes with the goal of providing a more user-friendly report on student progress. The new STAAR Report Card will include:

    • growth and progress information
    • a recommended summer reading list
    • the learner's Lexile levels and trend data
    • resources for parents in both English and Spanish
    • possible questions for parents to ask school staff 

    For more detailed information about the new STAAR Report Card, please visit

    Due to the changes, all STAAR results will be available online for parents. No paper reports will be sent home.

    If you would like a paper copy of your child’s results, please contact your child’s campus.

  • NOTE:

    STAAR  Report Cards for all grade level administrations a now available as of June 18, 2019. 


    Accessing Your Child's STAAR Results

    Go to


    1. Click on Log In to Student Portal
    2. Click OK in the pop-up box
    3. You will then be redirected to the Texas Assessment Data Portal.
    4. Type in the access code and your child's birthdate to access his/her scores.


    On previous years' STAAR Confidential Student Reports, your child's access code could be found in the lower right hand corner. This access code belongs to your child for their entire K-12 public education.

    1. Click on the Lookup Access Code link.
    2. Enter the Student’s First Name, PEIMS ID (either the Social Security Number or the State ID Number), and Date of Birth. Then click GO.
    3. The student’s Access Code will automatically populate. Using the drop-down menu, enter your child's birthday again and click GO.

    Once you’ve successfully entered the Unique Access Code and Date of Birth, the student’s test history will be displayed on the screen. Click on any test name to view its details.To obtain an electronic copy of the STAAR Report Card, click the Download PDFs button in the upper-right corner.

    Click on the test administration to view the STAAR Report Card.

    The system will generate a PDF file suitable for download/printing.